Flame Arresters and Their Applications

Posted on: Feb-23-2024
Flame Arresters and Their Applications

Flame arrestors are safety devices that stop the propagation of flames inside a pipeline system or at the opening of an enclosure. The device functions by absorbing excess heat generated from the flame and bringing down the ignition temperature. The flammable liquids or gases if not stored or transported safely can result in dangerous explosions causing fire accidents. Hence by considering the safety of devices used in industrial applications and the safety of our lives, it’s vital to implement the usage of flame arrestors to prevent the ignition caused by flammable gases.

How are flame arrestors designed?

The safety device designed to operate at ambient temperature and pressure consists of a housing and element assembly fitted to the pipelines or at the opening of an enclosure. The filter or uniform opening absorbs the excessive heat generated from the flame and permits the flow of gases.

How to choose a flame arrestor?

Before choosing a flame arrestor, it is vital to consider the most important factors such as the source of ignition, the type of flame, and the compatibility of the flame arrestor to use with different gases. Among the flame arrestor manufacturers in India, we at Varem Technology Solutions manufacture the best and most reliable flame arrestors suitable for industrial needs.

The types of flame arrestors

Depending upon the functionality and other operational features, flame arrestors are classified into different types such as the end of line deflagration flame arresters, in-line deflagration arresters, hydraulic flame arrestors, and pre-volume flame arrestors. The information provided below helps to understand more about these models.

End-of-the-line deflagration flame arresters

The end-of-the-line deflagration arresters as the name indicates are fitted to the end of the pipeline or the exit opening of the pipeline. The safety device is capable of preventing the ignition source outside the system. The role of the device is to prevent atmospheric deflagration or flames entering the vessel or pipeline. The end-of-the-line deflagration flame arresters can be mounted in any direction except inverted mounting. Most often conventional or vertical mounting is recommended. The type of flame arrestors can prevent water or foreign debris from entering the system.

In-line deflagration arresters

The type of flame arrestor is capable of preventing the flames that arise inside or within the pipeline. The role of the safety device is to stop the initial phases of the explosion. The flame arrestors protect the downstream equipment inside the pipelines. Depending on the condition or situation that causes the explosion, the inline deflagration arresters can be categorized either as deflagration or detonation flame arresters.

In-line detonation flame arresters

The inline detonation flame arresters are used to prevent explosions to ensure the safe and secure operation of vapor recovery units, storage, process tanks, and combustion systems. The device can be fitted to rough, bent, or obstructed pipelines. The category of flame arrestor is capable of arresting high ignition flames and can be placed at any distance from the ignition source.

Liquid protection and hydraulic flame arrestors

The liquid protect flame arrestors are also known as hydraulic flame arrestors. The safety device uses a liquid medium to arrest or block the flames. The type of flame arrestor functions by breaking the explosive components using water or liquid medium. To ensure the safe operation of the hydraulic flame arrestor, the level of liquid must be maintained at the safety mark.

Prevolume flame arrestors

The pre-volume flame arrestors are used in a pipeline or a container system for which the cross-sectional area will be larger than the connection pipes. The safety device prevents the transmission of flames from the unprotected side of the system to the affected side. The functionality of pre-volume flame arrestors includes permitting the flow of liquid preventing the ignition or flame transmission within the container. The flame particles are broken down into smaller flame lets and are cooled using the element assembly.

Applications of flame arrestors

Flame arrestors are used in different industrial applications. Here we list some of them.

  • Flame arrestors protect pipeline systems from flames.
  • To remove excess heat from the flame as it passes through narrow pipelines.
  • The other applications include protecting the combustion system, storage process tanks, and vapor recovery systems.
  • To prevent atmospheric deflagration or the transmission of flames in the event of ignition.

Flame arrestors used in various industrial applications play a significant role in preventing fire safety accidents. Flame arrestors must be used in industrial units to prevent explosions and safety hazards caused due to flame emission or leakage of flammable gases. Choosing the best category of flame arrestors is essential to prevent explosions caused due to flammable gases and we can choose among the different models available. Understanding the role, types, and applications of flame arrestors is essential to promote the usage of safety devices in industrial units and power plants.

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