Purpose, Advantages & Disadvantages of Ruputure Disc

Posted on: Feb-23-2024
Purpose, Advantages & Disadvantages of Ruputure Disc

Rupture discs are pressure safety devices used in industries and power plants for many years. The type of safety device arrives with a compact design. By using the rupture disc, it’s easy to regulate high pressure, temperature, and vacuum conditions inside the vessels, pipelines, and pressure-controlling devices. The advantages of rupture discs are numerous. Let us understand more about rupture discs and the advantages and disadvantages of using rupture discs in a wide range of applications. The usage of rupture discs must be implemented in industrial units and power plants to avoid the safety hazards that occur due to excessive pressure, vacuum, and temperature.

Rupture Disc, An Overview

Rupture discs are pressure safety devices made of metallic or graphite foil. The device consisting of a rupture disc and rupture disc holder is actuated by the inlet static pressure. Whenever the condition of extreme or high pressure occurs, the disc bursts balancing the high or extreme pressure generated inside the system.

The device can also be used with other pressure-controlling devices. Rupture discs do not have any moving parts. The design of the pressure safety device consists of a circular membrane, a disc holder, and a rupture disc. It’s easy to install a rupture disc on any pressure safety system. Considering the safety and efficiency of operations, the rupture discs are used in oil and gas, petrochemical, and other industrial units. Forward-acting, Reverse acting, and Compact rupture discs are the types available. The device ruptures or bursts at a predetermined pressure to control the overpressure condition. Note that the burst tolerance of a standard rupture disc is +/-2 psg.

What Is the Purpose of Using a Rupture Disc?

Rupture discs are used in industries and power plants for various safety purposes. The purpose of using a rupture disc is to

  • Protect the pressure vessels and tubes from high-pressure situations.
  • To release the excess pressure from pipelines and vessels.
  • To protect and ensure the safe operation of the devices used in industries and power plants.

Advantages of Using a Rupture Disc

Before installing and using the rupture disc in safety devices, we must have an idea of the benefits or advantages of rupture disc.

  • Rupture discs are reliable, lightweight, and safe to use.
  • The pressure safety device arrives with a simple and compact design.
  • The lightweight device can prevent safety accidents by protecting the devices from extreme pressure.
  • Rupture discs are cost-effective. The maintenance cost of the pressure safety device is low when compared with other safety devices and components.
  • A rupture disc is leak-tight which means that there is no leakage after bursting.
  • The device reacts rapidly whenever a high-pressure situation occurs.
  • It's easy to install a rupture disc on any device if you understand the installation procedure.
  • Rupture discs are compatible to use both in liquid and gas applications.
  • The device is capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • Also, the safety component is resistant to vacuum.
  • Rupture discs can be used in a wide range of applications such as calibrating guns, seismic testing, and much more.

What Are the Major Disadvantages of Using a Rupture Disc?

Even though rupture discs are safe and reliable to use under high-pressure situations, there are a few disadvantages of rupture discs. Before choosing the rupture disc, it’s important to be aware of the drawbacks. Check out the disadvantages of rupture discs here.

  • The rupture disc once ruptured cannot be reused. Hence it is recommended to use a new rupture disc for further operations.
  • The pressure safety device can degrade due to corrosion or mechanical damage.
  • The improper installation of the device can cause safety hazards.
  • It’s required to shut down the entire system or device in the event of a rupture or sudden burst to install a new rupture disc.
  • The pressure safety device will damage quickly. Hence adequate care is needed to install the rupture disc
  • Rupture discs are highly sensitive to torque. The improper bolt torque affects the burst pressure.

Safety is not only for devices but also for our lives. Safety hazards or safety accidents are common while operating high-pressure or vacuum devices. It’s vital to safeguard our lives from pressure safety accidents. Rupture discs are safety devices that can effectively withstand high or extreme pressure conditions. To use rupture discs, we can choose among the different types available. By considering features such as burst tolerance, vacuum resistance, and operating ratio, we can implement the usage of rupture discs and ensure the safe operation of devices in major industrial units and power plants.

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