Rupture discs to ensure safety of oil and gas industries

Posted on: May-31-2024
Rupture discs to ensure safety of oil and gas industries

Considering the need or demand for oil and gas across the globe, industries are functioning across various locations to increase oil and gas production. The process requires a huge workforce or manpower. When it comes to industrial operations, it is essential to follow appropriate safety measures and guidelines to make certain that the devices used are working fine and are at low safety risks.

The combustible dust, gas, and flammable particles released while performing the operations involved in oil and gas production, refinement, storage, and distribution can cause flames that might lead to sudden and dangerous explosion. The pressure-actuated safety devices used ensure end-to-end protection to prevent and eliminate the possibility of explosion. By understanding the complexity of industrial operations and the severity of explosions, the engineering and manufacturing experts decide the type of safety devices to use. Among the popular pressure safety devices available in the market, rupture discs or burst discs are well known for their accuracy and operating efficiency in regulating the overpressure or vacuum conditions that might cause damage to the property and threat to the lives of people.

About rupture discs and the need for rupture discs in oil and gas industries

Rupture disc are pressure safety devices that are manufactured and supplied to various industrial units where there is a need to regulate the high pressure or vacuum. Oil and gas industries use diverse types of equipment to extract oil and transport it to various locations. During the operations, high pressure or vacuum conditions might occur leading to a potentially dangerous explosion.

In such a scenario, rupture discs play an excellent role in preventing the safety risks associated with oil and gas production. The safety device once ruptured cannot be used again. A new rupture disc must be replaced with the existing one. A burst disc indicator paired with a rupture disc provides an alert to the operator whenever the device bursts due to high-pressure.

How do rupture discs ensure safety in oil and gas industries?

Rupture disc a non reclosing type of safety device is designed to operate or burst whenever the system pressure exceeds the burst pressure releasing the high pressure outside. The safety device can be fitted to a pipeline, or vessel with the help of a rupture disc holder and cap screws. Based on the type of industrial application, engineering experts can choose among the diverse models of rupture discs such as forward-acting, reverse-acting, and custom rupture discs.

The oil and natural gas are extracted using drilling machines and other equipments. The process involves three different phases namely, upstream, midstream, and downstream. Upstream is the initial phase where the location search begins for oil and natural gas extraction. Midstream is the second stage that involves storage and transportation of the extracted oil and gas. The final stage is the downstream phase during which the extracted oil and natural gas are distributed to various locations.

High pressure or vacuum conditions can occur at any interval during the operations leading to pressure safety accidents. By considering the possibility of high-pressure conditions, rupture discs are installed to protect the pipelines that transfer natural gas, devices or equipment used for the process of oil and natural gas refining, and the vessels or containers used for storage and transportation.

The need for oil and gas has increased over the past few years due to the increased consumption. That is why oil and gas industries are focusing on increasing production, and finding ways to meet the challenges, and risks associated with the increased demand for oil and gas. Wherever high-risk and challenging processes are involved, the need for safety devices arises. Pressure safety devices with reliability and operating efficiency can be used in highly challenging industrial applications to protect industrial equipment, safeguard the lives of people operating the devices, and prevent environmental damage, destruction.

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