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Varem Technical Solutions is a registered Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Company that was established in the year of 2021 and has its prime focus in the domain of manufacturing and supplying devices which are used in ensuring safe operations at Mechanical Engineering based industries. Devices such as Rupture Discs and Flame Arrestors are very much an integral part of Mechanical Engineering based operations at manufacturing plants and units as they provide high-end protection from destructive damages due to pressure, vacuum, and even from fire outbursts or flames respectively. With the rise in Mechanical Engineering dependent plants and units across many industries globally, we at Varem Technical Solutions understand the need for such Pressure Relieving Devices due to their significance and hence, manufacture them using state of the art technology in order to ensure impeccable quality.

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Vision & Mission

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To help create a safe working environment by providing the most reliable safety tools that ensure maximum efficiency of the entire system within a mechanical structure

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To ensure professional analysis-based, custom-made safety devices that are rigorously tested for efficiency and conformability to the client’s needs in terms of quality and affordability, and also to satisfy their business outcomes

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