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Explosion Vent Panels

An explosion vent or rupture panel is a safety device to protect equipment or buildings against excessive internal and explosion-incurred pressures by the means of pressure relief. An explosion vent will relieve pressure from the moment its opening (or activation) pressure has been exceeded. Several explosion vent panels can be installed on the same process vessel to be protected. Explosion vents are available in self-destructive and non-self-re-closing types. Explosion vent construction must balance the contradictory requirements such as "low inertia" and "high strength". Inertia negatively affects an explosion vent's efficiency. High strength is required to endure the considerable forces that move the vent's venting element in order to open the venting orifice. Unintended disintegration must not cause disintegrating parts turning into a missile.
During normal venting, the explosion is freely discharged, allowing flames to exit the process being protected. When the protected vessel or pipe is located indoors, ducts are generally used to safely convey the explosion outside the building. However, ductwork has disadvantages and may result in decreased venting efficiency. Flameless venting, in combination with explosion vents, can extinguish the flame from the vented explosion without the use of expensive ducting, limitations to equipment location, or more costly explosion protection.
The following variants of venting panels are manufactured by Varem Technical Solutions with cost effectiveness and operating accuracy which would withstand high vacuum pressure.

  • Single layered Venting Panels ranges from 0.5 bar to 1.5 bar.
  • Multi layered Venting Panels ranges from 0.5 bar to 1.5 bar.

The leading explosion vent panel manufacturer in India

Varem Technical Solutions is a leading explosion vent panel manufacturer in India that ensures the safe operation of devices used in industries or manufacturing units. The pressure safety devices manufactured are tested for quality and operational efficiency before being delivered to various industries. The single-layered and multi-layered venting panels with excellent venting capability play a significant role in protecting the devices and preventing catastrophic damage to the property and lives.

Ensure safety using explosion relief panels

Ensuring safety is essential while operating the devices used in industries. Sudden or dangerous explosions can happen at any interval during device operations. Henceforth, appropriate safety measures must be implemented to prevent pressure safety hazards.

The explosion relief panels are pressure safety devices designed to open and release the excess or high pressure generated inside a vessel or a closed system. By choosing reliable explosion vents and relief panels among the diverse versions such as single-layered and multi-layered, the excess pressure can be released to prevent dangerous explosions.

Types of Explosion Vent Panels

Single Layered Venting Panel

Single layered Venting Panels ranges from 0.5 bar to 1.5 bar

Multi Layered Venting Panels

Multi layered Venting Panels ranges from 0.5 bar to 1.5 bar


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Safety to equipment

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Prevents damages to valuable assets

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Compliance of safety regulations


What is an explosion relief panel?

An explosion relief panel is a safety device that is used to protect equipment and valuable assets in a manufacturing unit or a facility from catastrophic damages that might happen due to excessive internal or explosion created pressures by releasing it.

How does an explosion protection panel work?

The working mechanism of an explosion protection panel functions by releasing gas to the outside environment in order to safeguard equipment and assets from internal or explosion created pressure related damages.

What is the use of an explosion vent panel?

The use of an explosion vent panel is to provide safety to equipment and assets inside a facility during times when there is a sudden and excessive spike in pressure. When the pressure rises beyond an indicated limit, the explosion vent panels open up in order to subside the damages.

What is the burst pressure of an explosion vent?

The burst pressure of an explosion vent can vary between 0.25 psig to 5 psig which is actually determined by the size of the explosion vent panel.

What are the types of explosion vents?

There are two types of explosion vent panels that are as mentioned below.

  • Single Layered Venting Panels.
  • Multi Layered Venting Panels.

They are also available in self-destructive and non-self-re-closing versions.

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