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Flame Arresters & Pressure/Vaccum Vent Relief Valves

Any industrial plant or a manufacturing unit that involves operations influenced by combustion will definitely have the need for Flame Arrestors and people also will understand their significance without any speck of doubt. Safety is one feature among many that can never be compromised on or taken for granted in engineering related enterprises. And to achieve such levels of high-class safety, Flame Arrestors prove to be a mandatory inclusion at industrial places as they will mitigate the severity of an explosion by allowing the gas to pass out and dissipating the flame.

​At Varem Technical Solutions, we want to be known only for quality products and that is why we work only with the best people in business. We supply ELMAC and PROTECTOSEAL made In-Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors, End-Of-Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors, and In-Line Detonation Flame Arrestors. These three types of Flame Arrestors are the widely used variants and we at Varem, supply them to our customers after performing some extreme quality checks.​

Flame Arrestor

Types of Flame Arrestors

  • In – Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors
  • End – Of – Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors
  • In – Line Detonation Flame Arrestors


Protection from fire accidents

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What does a flame arrestor do?
A flame arrestor is a safety device installed or fitted in manufacturing plants and units whose purpose is to prevent flame being transmitted from pipes or systems when an ignition takes place.
Where a flame arrestor should be installed?

Flame arrestors should be installed in systems near the source of flaming or ignition. The safety distance within which the flame arrestor can work efficiently is within 5 feet but not more than 10 feet as more the distance a flame can travel, then more vigorous it gets.

Why flame arrestor is required?

Flame arrestor is a safety device that safeguards the manufacturing units or facilities from ignition related damages which can be highly dangerous or at times, even catastrophic.

How does a flame arrestor work?

A flame arrestor is a safety device that is fitted in manufacturing facilities, systems or units in order to reduce the damages that can be caused due to flames. A flame is the by-product of the reaction caused between oxygen, ignition, and a fuel. The flame arrestor allows the gas to pass through while the flame is controlled or mitigated by the various channels present in the flame arrestor.

What are the types of flame arrestors?

Flame arrestors are of three types and they are as mentioned below.

  • In – Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors.
  • End – Of – Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors.
  • In – Line Detonation Flame Arrestors.

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